How would you like to ride on the Polar Express? That would be a wonderful experience. There is a place in Carver, Massachusetts, where you can pretend to travel upon the Polar Express. Our fourth stop is to a Massachusetts amusement park, Edaville Railroad. Edaville Railroad was created to move workers around a cranberry bog. A bog is an area of wet, marshy ground. This bog is where cranberries are grown. The workers would take the train from one end of the bog to the other. The entire round trip was about 5 1/2 miles. The owner of the railroad enjoyed letting the citizens of Carver ride on this train when it was not being used for the business. Eventually, he created the “Holiday Festival of Lights”. This was an amazing display of thousands of Christmas lights around the 5 1/2 mile cranberry bog. Our next stop is the “Holiday Festival of Lights” at Edaville Railroad. (