Well, we’ve reached the end or our electronic field trip through The Polar Express. It has been an exciting journey.

First, we learned about the life of Chris Van Allsburg, the author of The Polar Express and many other children’s stories. How a steam engine works was also a great learning adventure. Another exciting stop on our trip was the visit to the Edaville Railroad, a winter amusement park in Carver, Massachusetts. The pictures from the past “Holiday Festival of Lights” made me want to decorate the outside of my house with millions of holiday lights. The elves were so busy at the North Pole that they were running around everywhere. The visit with Santa, Mrs. Claus, and Rudolph was especially exciting. The elves that work for the North Pole Times are a funny group. Each one has a special job, and special characteristics that made each one awesome to learn about.

Thanks for traveling aboard The Electronic Polar Express. I hope you enjoyed your travels and come back and ride with us again someday.